Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t a disc lock do the same job?
  • It is very easy to forget about a disc lock and try to ride off with the it still attached. This generally results in falling off and damaging your bike.
  • Due to a disc lock being fitted to the brake disc on the wheel, they are harder to attach and it’s very easy to get dirty, wet or oily when fitting them.
  • People who own a smaller or older scooter, or a quad bike don’t have brake discs, so they cannot use a disc lock.
  • Disc breaks tend to heat up pretty quickly so you have to be cautious when applying a disc lock.
What if the thief removes the brake lever pivot bolt?

Since there is pressure on the brake, the thief will have to punch the bolt out. That takes time and creates noise, both undesirable to a thief. The Grip-Lock would still be attached to the throttle grip making it very difficult to ride.

Can’t a thief cut the brake line or the brake lever?

It’s important to keep in mind that 90% of motorcycle theft is opportunistic and the thief aims to ride off with the motorcycle he just stole. A motorcycle with a Grip-Lock still stuck to the throttle grip and without a front brake lever is not only very noticeable, but also very hard to ride.

This is made from plastic. Can’t a thief cut through it?

The Grip-Lock consists of 4 hardened steel rods covered by a glass-filled polyamide for maximum strength. Glass-filled polyamide is extremely strong. Automotive manufacturers use this material to produce air intake manifolds due to its strength and durability. Neither a saw nor a screwdriver will do much to the Grip-Lock. 

Can’t a thief pull the Grip-Lock to the side?

Every Grip-Lock comes with 3 rubber adapters to ensure a snug fit to throttle grips between 27 and 38 mm. A tight fit makes it almost impossible to move the Grip-Lock while it is in place. Also, we have designed the Grip-Lock slider’s opening to be small enough to catch on the curve of most levers and on the ball on the end.

Will the Grip-lock fit my bike?

There are a few exceptions:

  • Some motorcycles like top-of-the-range Harley-Davidsons and Triumph Rocket have very large throttle grips, which may be too thick to suit a Grip-Lock.
  • Some off-road motorcycles have hand guards that are close to the grip, making it too difficult to install Grip-Lock.

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