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10 year guarantee

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Grip-Lock is the original Motorcycle Handlebar lock. Invented, designed and made in New Zealand since 2001.

The Grip-Lock was invented by a New Zealander that was frustrated with getting wet and/or dirty when securing his motorbike with chains or disc locks. He wanted a solution that was less cumbersome, more compact and easier to apply than traditional measures used for motorcycles. After years of designing, trialling and perfecting 100’s of prototypes the Grip-Lock was created.

Mounting on the handlebar locking the throttle grip and brake lever in place. Applying and removing takes less than 10 seconds - a solution so quick you will use it every time.

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Our Features

The Grip-Lock was developed to be the fastest, most comfortable solution for protecting your motorcycle from theft

How to Use

Make the most of your Grip-Lock with these helpful instructions & tips

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Insert Rubber Pads

Grip-Lock comes with three different size rubber pad inserts. The first step, is to select the two rubber adapters that best clamp around your throttle grip. If you like, you can glue these into place.

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Adjust Slider

Squeeze the sides of the adjustable sliders together and move it into a position that provides acceptable pressure on your brake lever. This does not require to be overly tight.

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Place on Handlebar

Place on the right hand-side of your motorbike where the throttle grip and brake lever are located. Squeeze your brake lever and guide into the Grip-Lock’s slider.

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Close Over & Lock

Once in place close over and push in the lock to secure the Grip-Lock. You can do this both, with or without the key by pushing the lock into place.

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To Open

Simply insert the key, twist it clockwise 1/4 of a turn and pop open the lock. Tip: Squeeze the end of your Grip-Lock together for a smoother release of the lock mechanism.

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Our Colour Range

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Grip-Lock are currently sold in 49 countries and stocked in over 550 stores world-wide.

The Grip-Lock is available worldwide through a network of distributors and retailers and also online.

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