Authentic Grip-Lock versus knockoff copycat products


Counterfeit Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

Glass-Filled Polyamide Body that is incredibly robust. The same material is used by automotive manufacturers to produce air intake manifolds due its strength and durability.

Cheaper material plastic is used that are less challenging to remove with common tools used to break locks.

4 Reinforced Hardened Core Steel Rods that run from the locking cylinder to hinge to ensure seamless security and high level of resistance to common tools used to break locks.

Most counterfeit products do not have limited if any reinforcement on the inside of the body to keep the manufacturing costs down.

10 Year Manufacturers Warranty and customer service to match the products superior quality.

Zero guarantees!

10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Manufacturing Warranty

Precisely Adjust the amount pressure being applied to the brake lever with the adjustable slider to ensure there is ample pressure without damaging your brake.

Fixed position that doesn’t allow for any adjustment to the brake lever so there may be too little or too much tension applied to the brake.

Optimal Fit with 3 different sized interchangeable rubber pads for a snug fit to any throttle grips between 27 and 38mm.

No rubber protective pads which can cause damage to the rubber grip or fixed pads that do not allow for a snug fit.

UV Treated Every aspect of the lock from the polyamide body to the polycarbonate label is UV Treated to ensure the Grip-Lock will not fade or perish - even after years of use

Low cost, cheaply dyed components that fade and perish with less quality.

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UV Treated

Pagoda Locking System used has 4 unique round discs that are activated for unlocking by a high precision double cut key. Pick resistance is extremely high because of the spring tension and stepped wafer design standard in every lock. Anti-drill pins resist lock drill through attempts.

Inferior locking systems are used to keep costs down that are much easier to pick or drill out.

No Rust with all the Grip-Lock’s components tested in salt chambers to ensure ultimate rust prevention is provided.

Inexpensive metal is used that is less robust and will rust and deteriorate when left out in the elements.

Designed & Made in New Zealand to ensure our strict quality standard are always maintained.

Made in China where the quality standards and working conditions that are subordinate.

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Made in New Zealand

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